1979-2004 Ford Foxbody Mustang Subframe Connectors- Green


Model: SSM-1402-GRN


SouthSide Machine’s tubular subframe connectors were designed to tie the front & back frames together using bolt-on hardware supplied and require No Welding! These Mustang subframe connectors improve your car’s handling Dramatically ! Also helps quiet the annoying T-top squeaks, dash rattles, and quarter panels flexing. They will also improve your car’s ability to autocross, road race, and drag race by firmly connecting front K-member area all the way back to the rear lower torque-box area on both sides of the car, allowing for a much better weight transfer, and improved traction by planting the tires harder into the pavement. Best of all, this design tucks-up tightly against bottom of car’s floor using heavy wall, steel tubing.

Some Additional Features :

* Comes complete with all Hi-Strength Grade 8 hardware needed for installation
* Front mounts feature a ½” in. thick steel threaded mounting plate for both sides
* Mounting plates feature precision threads & CNC-machining to ensure exact fit
* Flat tubular design allows for a tighter fit against the vehicle’s bottom undercarriage
* Uses front K-member mount & rear torque box mount for increased body strength

Additional information

Dimensions 9 x 9 x 76 in


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