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1973 – 1987 Chevy 1/2 Ton Pick-Up Trucks Traction Bar


Model: SSM-1605-SS-Chevy-GMC

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Part No. # 1605-SS


* ( SS = Street & Strip )

More Street Truck suspension characteristics made to work better with un-even pavement, bumps, pot-holes and
Less of a hardcore Pro-Strip stiff truck suspension set-up.

• The Steps in Polyurethane snubber are made to be cut-off Flat at various levels for adjusting any Pre-Load to your suspension. Using a bottle-jack , compress the traction bar up until the snubber is smashed into the leaf spring (pre-loading the traction bar) then tighten down & torque all the mounting hardware.

• These lift bars feature a superior design made to use the truck’s axle torque wrap-up planting tires, and putting all your valuable Horse-Power into the pavement. Forcing the rear tires downward in the ground for a Rock-Solid Hardcore Launch !

• This unique design moves the trucks lift point to the middle, so it will work faster on the “Instant Center” of gravity, lifting the truck faster in the front, giving you quick weight transfer to the rear tires on Launch…

• Our traction bars are made with heavy duty boxed steel tubing, that will Never Flex or Bend, to allow your truck chassis to bounce and unload suspension on those hard drag strip launches.

• The thick durable powder-coated finish will resist scratches, chips, corrosion and rust on the bars. Allowing these bars to look great under your truck for a long time to come.

• Easy to install, with step-by-step instructions for anyone to install, no matter what level of expertise. These bars are 100% acceptable & approved for stock racing divisions in NHRA, IHRA, NMCA, & NMRA events.

1973 – 1987 Chevy 1/2 Ton Pick-Up Trucks Traction Bar for Trucks (1600 Series)
***ALSO FITS 1986-2002 FORD F150 PICKUP***
***ALSO FITS 1973-1978 GMC C15 PICKUP AND GMC 1979-1986 C1500 PICKUP***

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