Southside Machine is a name that is widely recognized and associated with drag racing and performance automotive components, a history of success with traction bars, ladder bars, lift bars and control arms. A name that represents quality products, with unique design and race proven results. The original Southside Machine Company ceased production and closed their doors more than a decade ago, as their founder entered into retirement, but the product reputation lives on. There have been a few companies over the past decade that have introduced versions of some Southside Machine products, but none have achieved the level of performance or the standard as set by the original.

Advanced Resources specializes in complex product line manufacturing. From the latest in design engineering, through extreme tolerance CNC machinery, and multi-stage finishing processes, we have developed techniques and processes that are required to manufacture precision products at competitive prices. Advanced Resources has thoroughly established themselves in the performance automotive market, as represented with their G Force Performance Product line, which includes their patented G Force Transmission Crossmembers. Advanced Resources is staffed with engineers and product managers that have generations of racing in their blood. It is this combination of knowledge, experience, and resources that have allowed us to proudly reintroduce the original Southside Machine line of products.

As you navigate this website you will recognize familiar favorites, and you will also see some exciting new products. High performance parts that are current with today’s automotive technology and performance vehicles. When you blend nostalgic flair with high tech design, you get hardcore racing parts that you can rely on for years to come!