Control Arm

About Southside Machine

Southside Machine is a name that is widely recognized and associated with drag racing and performance automotive components.  A history of track proven success with traction bars, ladder bars, lift bars, sub frame connectors, and control arms. A name that represents quality products, with unique design and race proven results.

With this kind of reputation, it is no surprise that attempts to emulate the product line, and even attempts to copy the name and company history, have been an ongoing event.  But the original Southside Machine, (SSM), was born with the creation of traction bar products dating back to 1959, and was track proven throughout Northeastern Ohio.  As word of SSM’s proven performance spread, the manufacturing process expanded, and before long Southside Machine Traction Bars, Lift Bars, and Frame Connectors, were a common track staple at drag strips across the country.

As a family owned and run business, when it was time for retirement, manufacturing of new products ceased and the business doors closed, but the product reputation had a life of its own.  Recognizing the continued popularity of the product line, Advanced Resources met with the family and negotiated the purchase of the original product designs and drawings.  With Advanced Resources already being the manufacturer of the G Force Performance line of products, the addition of the SSM product line was a perfect and natural fit.  Our manufacturing team is staffed with engineers and product managers that have generations of racing in their blood.  It is this combination of knowledge, experience, and resources, combined with the latest in design engineering, extreme tolerance CNC machinery, and multi-stage finishing processes, that have allowed us to develop techniques and processes that are required to manufacture precision performance products at competitive prices.