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OEM Control Arms vs. SSM Control Arms

  • On August 22nd 2017
  • By GForce Performance Products

OEM Control Arms vs SSM Control ArmsMany older muscle cars (such as Ford Fox-bodies and GM  A-bodies/G-bodies ) have rear suspension systems that use control arms or trailing arms to secure the rear end axle housing to the vehicle. These control arms are basically designed to perform one simple function, to hold the rear axle housing in place, under your car. There are two upper-arms and two lower-arms attached to the axle housing, and also to the body of your car. They will flex and twist to allow for a soft, comfortable, smooth, and forgiving ride for your daily street driving. The axle housing can only move sideways a very small amount, but can move freely move up and down with the shocks and springs.

These OEM trailing arms or control arms are made from very thin stamped steel formed into a U-shape with only three sides. They have soft rubber bushings pressed inside the ends, at their attachment points to your vehicle.  These soft bushings will compress and absorb body roll and chassis flex as you drive which guarantees that you and your passengers are getting a nice smooth ride even on rough roads.

This type of OEM control arm/trailing arm will not work under the hard accelerations and high RPM launches demanded in performance-handling. They will flex, bend, twist and distort under the pressure. This then will allow the rear axle to move around side-to-side and up and down because of its thin-steel, three-sided design with soft rubber OEM bushings. All of these different movements of the control arms cause the rear axle housing to shift left and right and bounce around, breaking tire traction and creating “Wheel-Hop”. This of course, causes your precious HP and torque to go up in smoke. Tire Smoke! These OEM trailing arms and control arms are just NOT strong enough for performance demands.
If you’re looking to upgrade your control arms to get away from weak OEM trailing arms/control arms, look no further than Southside Machine Co. products. They have the control arms available to solve your OEM traction issues. Southside Machine (SSM) products will meet your performance demands with their engineered heavy-duty rear upper control arms.

This heavy-duty control arm or trailing arm is made to meet all the performance demands of your vehicle. SSM control arms are made from heavy-duty boxed steel tubing that is black powder-coated for a durable finish that resist rust and corrosion. They come complete with “Delrin” bushings already installed to eliminate ALL flexing, compressing and distortion of the bushings while under the heavy load from your vehicle’s body and chassis.

So if you want better traction, planting tires on hard takeoffs with ZERO Tire-Spin and Wheel-Hop!,

Southside Machine (SSM) has the control arms and traction bar products that you need to Hook & Book!

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