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The SSM Traction Bar / Lift Bar Attributes

  • On December 14th 2016
  • By advanadmn

The SSM Traction Bar / Lift Bar AttributesSSM traction bar attributes

The Attributes of a SSM Traction Bar / Lift Bar

A SouthSide Machine traction bar or lift bar is perfect for both leaf spring and coil spring vehicles because they utilize axle torque from the rear axle on take-off. This applies torque downward, causing your rear tires to plant harder than before onto the pavement. The term used in drag racing is axle wrap-up torque, or spring wrap-up torque. Only SSM bars use this method to drastically improve vehicle traction on hard take-offs & launches. In fact, the more axle torque you have, the better a SSM traction bar will work for your car.

The SSM traction bar has been designed to move the cars Lift Point to the middle of the chassis, whereas OE manufacturers design the Lift Point forward of the front bumper to achieve a more comfortable ride. SSM’s relocation brackets move the lift point to the center of the chassis to lift evenly on the entire chassis, instead of just the front. When this lift point is moved, it changes your vehicles center of gravity, applying the lift forces in a rapid weight transfer to the rear of car on take-off. This puts a new downward force, directly over the rear axle. This Extreme new leverage is pushing DOWNWARD onto both rear tires with such a FORCE, the rear tires have no choice but to Plant Hard. This tire planting eliminates Wheel- spin, Wheel-bounce and Wheel-hop.

See Diagram above. 

PLEASE NOTE: Competitor’s products Do Not change Lift Points or center of gravity points, but try holding rear end housings more firmly so that it can’t move; minimally improving tire traction. They will try replacing OE rubber bushings with polyurethane bushings, replacing weak OE factory stamped steel arms with boxed steel tubing, add grease fittings, spherical rod-end, or even bigger bolts. None of these efforts will eliminate the wheel-spin.

SouthSide Machine suspension products, with performance  calculated  geometry  corrections,  solve traction problems. In addition to the traction benefits stated above, SSM designs and manufactures products for specific vehicle make and models, giving your suspension the Grip & Bite that your tires will need to harness all of the horsepower that you are generating.

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