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S.S.M. Traction Bars Improves Suspension To Eliminate Wheel – Spin !

  • On December 13th 2016
  • By advanadmn

S.S.M. Traction Bars Improves Suspension To Eliminate Wheel – Spin !SSM traction bars eliminate wheel hop

SSM Traction Bars Eliminate Wheel Hop

Looking for a traction bar solution to eliminate wheel spin/hop? Almost every car enthusiast magazine of today will show you how you can make more horsepower and torque with your engine in your car.  There is an endless supply of magazine articles & editorials for creating more power for your car if you look into this subject.  Such as, “How to build an 800 hp big-block that runs on pump gas”.  Feel free to substitute any hp amount, or swap out big-block with small-block and you’re bound to find hundreds of articles, of all kinds, in all magazines everywhere!  Most will have you increasing your piston size, and valve size.  Some will have you changing out your intake manifold for a bigger one that allows more air input, others will have you changing out the exhaust manifolds for a set of headers, to increase your exhaust flow output.   There are also those that have you adding different products to your engine that create more horsepower.  Like a shot of Nitrous, a Blower, a Turbo, or  even Two Turbos, etc, etc.  However you decide to increase your horsepower and torque there will eventually be a point where you end up just spinning your wheels, ”Literally” because your vehicle can no longer harness the extra horsepower your now making with  your engine upgrades &  improvements.  The sole purpose of adding products to make more power is to increase your speed in a short amount of time.  Get from Point A to B now faster! Now you’re actually slower because a stock suspension cannot plant all that power to the ground.  So, now after all your efforts and money spent, you’re President & CEO of Wheel-Spin Incorporated,  with fewer magazine articles willing to tell you what suspension changes to make that actually help your car increase traction and harness all your new horsepower.

New tires are not the quick fix. Although they may help reduce your wheel-spin and wheel-hop, it’s only temporary, until they become bald with no tread left, then you’re back to where you started.   The real solution is to improve your rear suspension a little bit to give your rear axle a fighting chance of planting this new additional horsepower firmly into the ground and eliminate wheel-spin/wheel-hop. This will give you that Hard Launch of being shot out of cannon that you’ve been wanting! However, simple traction bars are made for leaf springs and you have coil springs.

Now, SouthSide Machine can help you improve your car’s traction with their Traction Bars for leaf-spring cars with Lift Bars & Control Arms for coil-spring cars.   Remember horsepower & torque only matter, if you can make it work !

Wheel-spin/Wheel-hop is common for rear coil-spring cars that use coil springs to cushion the ride with control arms to support and hold rear axle in place on the car.   These rear control arms, both uppers (2) & lowers (2) can be upgraded to eliminate wheel-spin and wheel-hop on rear wheel drive vehicles.  Typically the stock OEM control arms are made of thin stamped steel or aluminum with a rubber bushing pressed into each end mounted to give you a nice quiet, smooth, & comfortable ride.   Good for luxury, but bad for performance handling because these factory control arms allow bending & flexing that let the axle move around side to side, and  up & down.   This causes  wheel-spin and wheel-hop with no traction.   Also the soft rubber bushings in the control arms contribute to the flexing and twisting of the suspension causing your tire traction to un-load and break loose.  This is very common in Ford Fox-Body platforms 1979-1993,  as well as SN-95 platforms 1994-12004.  However, Ford is not alone because General Motors vehicles experience wheel-spin as well, and wheel-hop is common for all the GM A-bodies 1964-1972, and the GM G-bodies 1978-1988.   These rear coil spring cars use control arms, so leaf spring traction bars won’t work.

Here’s the cure!  SouthSide Machine’s  Rear Control Arm package, Traction Bars or Lift bars are made from heavy duty boxed steel tubing that will never flex and bend.  These are  “Traction Bars” for coil spring vehicles.   Along with their durable Delrin bushings to allow freedom of movement, but stop any bushing deflection & deforming from happening when power is applied on hard launches.  Stopping wheel spin/wheel-hop before it even starts is important for solid Hardcore Launches & Take-offs.  Always use SSM lift bars & traction bars to eliminate wheel-spin.  Remember wheel-hop not only kills traction,  but also kills U-joints , Drive shafts , Axles , Ring Gears , Transmission Gears , Mounts and Housings.  Costing you much more than just tires.  Upgrade your suspension, like you have your engine, to improve your tire traction with a set of SSM Traction bars or Lift bars , otherwise,  you’re just spinning your wheels !!

STOP wheel-spin dead in its tracks,  with SSM Traction Bars & Rear Control Arms.   They’re made to handle Horsepower!


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