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  • On May 17th 2016
  • By GForce Performance Products


Question: Do you need to be a Certified ASE Mechanic to install the SouthSide Machine Products?

ANSWER: No! All items come complete with detailed “step by step” instructions that will walk you through the entire product installation process in a easy to read & understand format.

Question: Are the SouthSide Machine Products easy to install on any car?

ANSWER: Yes! Read the instructions carefully and follow each step. Remember, Don’t Hurry through the installation process and your product installs will be a Snap!

Question: What grease is used to lubricate the white “Delrin” bushings on SouthSide Machine bars?

ANSWER: Non-petroleum base grease, like “Lithium” Grease is recommended for Delrin. It’s the same grease that you place on all Polyurethane bushings on any part of your suspension.

Question: Do SouthSide Machine Products need to be welded to vehicle or have any metal fabrication done?

ANSWER: No! Welding is Not Required on SouthSide Machine items, unless you “want to” weld them.

Question: Will there be any special tools needed to install the SouthSide Machine Products?

ANSWER: No! There are no special tools needed to install the products. Only the basic wrenches, ratchets, sockets, and a Floor Jack are needed to get under the vehicle and lift the axle in certain places per instructions.

Question: What if I lost my instructions for my SouthSide Machine Products?

ANSWER: We have all product instructions placed on our website for quick referral and printing.

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