1967-1969 Camaro / Firebird Crossmember - 350

1967-1969 Camaro / Firebird Crossmember – 350

$229.00 $199.00

Model: RCF1-350ssm

1967-1969 Camaro / Firebird Crossmember – 350Fits the following transmissions: TH350, Muncie, Powerglide, T-10, super T-10, Saginaw, TH200. Finished in a black powder coat. Includes new mounting hardware. Purchase transmission mount separately. p/n GMTM.

1968-1974 (note: distance between crossmember frame holes is approximately 30-3/8″. Measure your frame or crossmember to insure proper selection)

p/n RCF1-350 installation notes:

  • this crossmember is installed with the Southside Machine¬†label facing the rear of the vehicle. A second determining feature is crossmember center tube has a 1/2″ drain slot located on the bottom and on the passenger side next to the hump weldment.
  • the crossmember is installed so that the exhaust clearance humps are closed on the top and open on the bottom.
  • to utilize the provided 7/16 hardware it is necessary to enlarge the holes in the frame rails. If the installer chooses to utilize the stock size 3/8 hardware, it is strongly recommended that the installer obtains Grade 8 fasteners and washers to compensate.

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Weight 17 lbs
Dimensions 6 x 6 x 36 in
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